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Dutch Cleaning Mill

Siloweg 2
4338 PA Middelburg

Tel.: +31 (0)118 614 3 58
Fax: +31 (0)118 626 5 65
Email: [javascript protected email address]
KvK: 220 35 935
BTW nr.: EORI NL802 746 615 B01

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Dutch Cleaning Mill is a seedcleaning company which was started in 1994. The company has years of experience in cleaning both large and small quantities of agriculture seeds as well as horticulture seeds used for consumption, the livestock industry, oil-industry and seed production.

Dutch Cleaning Mill maintains a neutral position in the ever changing market by exclusively offering their services to third-parties only.

A team of experienced and dedicated workers process the seed, depending on the result of sample-analysis and to the specific assignment of the customer. They use the required techniques to achieve an optimal result.

To be able to fully service the wishes of contractors, Dutch Cleaning Mill is fully equipped with machinery able to dry, store, clean, separate and package the different seeds.

Painting of Dutch Cleaning Mill.