Dutch Cleaning Mill, uw partner in schoning
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Dutch Cleaning Mill

Siloweg 2
4338 PA Middelburg

Tel.: +31 (0)118 614 3 58
Fax: +31 (0)118 626 5 65
Email: [javascript protected email address]
KvK: 220 35 935
BTW nr.: EORI NL802 746 615 B01

DCM Client

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Dutch Cleaning Mill is located in Middelburg centered in between the harbors of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Flushing.
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Handeling import- and export:

Dutch Cleaning Mill possesses the necessary expertise required to handle the following formalities:


Procurement- and distribution logistics:
Dutch Cleaning Mill possesses several different loading/unloading facilities and is able to to deliver/take on products via water transport as well as road transport. Delivery can be made in bulk, bags and/or bigbags.


Dutch Cleaning Mill has it's own "Silo management network system". Customers receive a personal code with which they're able to log in. Once logged in customers are able to view information regarding quantities, storage location, registration numbers, etc.

The loading/unloading of goods.
Part of the production process.